The World of Steampunkish.

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An Alternate Victorian Age.

Set in in the 1880s, these stories represent a world where airships and ballooning have transformed the Northern economy, allowing fast transportation of goods and people in concert with the age of steam engines and railroads. The Civil War has taken a great toll on the country, taking 10 years instead of 5, with disastrous consequences, especially in the South.

How did it happen?

Two men, Professor Thaddeus Sobieski Coulincourt Lowe and Union General William Starke Rosecrans partnered during the Civil War. Their partnership results in the most technologically advanced army the world has ever seen. The consequences are powerful, devastating to both sides, and in the end – the source of the economic power the North wields over the entire world.

What is happening now?

Lowe and Rosecrans’ balloon and dirigible technologies accelerated the economy tremendously. Production of everything from textiles to refrigeration technologies have made the country rich. These achievements have brought on an American Renaissance of innovation, commerce and art.

The South, in contrast, been been defeated in battle. It is now a hostile, impoverished land ruined by war and without hope. Many towns have been deserted, others destroyed. Its main cities have been recovered by Northern investment, but the majority of the South is broken in spirit.

…but there are things in motion that may disrupt that balance once again.


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