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Steampunk Graphic Novelist.

Ryan Hemphill is a Steampunk Graphic Novelist living in Salem, Mass. His fascination with the history of the Boston area has led to an interest in writing Steampunk, a Jules Verne-like fantasy genre set in the Victorian Era.

Writing from History, Art and Science.

In addition to being a history buff, Ryan’s family is filled with artists and engineers. As an author, he has used these experiences to share his vision of the Steampunkish world. Exotic technologies like airships and balloons are described in detail, drafted in engineering-like schematics. His research of Victorian America has given some of his characters’ life experiences grounded in historical evidence. Sometimes even bizarre real world technologies show up in stories, such as The Knuckle Gun, featuring a gun, knife and brass knuckle all as a single (and deadly) weapon!

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