Rebecca Reborn, part 2

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October 31, 2012 by Steampunkish Graphic Novels

Elsa took the woman and ran into the marketplace, hoping to lose the man in the crowd. They made their way through many streets, doing their best to keep out of view. Then, when Elsa was about to turn them away from an open square, the woman forcefully bumped her into a fruit stall. The woman fell back, in kind, onto a group of ladies shopping.

“Watch where you’re going!” she fumed, staring Elsa down. The other ladies shared the woman’s glare, immediately assuming it was Elsa’s fault. Elsa could feel the stares of onlookers and unwelcome faces.

With a huff, the woman continued on her way, with one exception. She now had a lovely new sun umbrella in her possession from when she had been “pushed aside” by Elsa. Elsa couldn’t help but smile in disbelief. In a matter of minutes, this woman had fought, fooled and even stolen without a single error. Elsa trailed her through the crowd of annoyed people as they returned to their business.

“Do you see him?” the woman said as Elsa caught up with her. She turned the sun umbrella enough to block sight of them from behind.

Elsa squinted through the mesh.

Deep in the crowd was the gentleman, still in pursuit. Elsa had played this cat-and-mouse game many times. He wouldn’t to be able to sneak up on them. On the other hand, he was closing the distance quickly and it wouldn’t be long before he caught up.

“We need to head to the avenue. Keep this umbrella with you. Once there, get close to carriage with a woman nearby.”

Elsa ran toward the carriages, umbrella in hand. It occurred to Elsa at this point that the lady was performing another evasion feint, with Elsa as the distraction. In a moment, it would all be over, one way or another.

Elsa was disappointed. It was reckless, but Elsa had felt “useful” for once. Evading mysterious gentlemen was a lot more exciting than avoiding the market’s sellers and occasional policeman.

“Excuse me, miss.“ Elsa said to a stranger near the carriages, “The gentleman back there said you forgot this.”

As Elsa turned around, she saw the danger had multiplied. Instead of one gentleman, there was now many of them fitting the same description, less than 200 feet away. The one Elsa had attacked was pointing right at her.

A moment later, a gunshot was heard.

The sound shocked the crowd but more importantly, all the men pulled revolvers, looking around them. Elsa took the opportunity to escape while their attention remained elsewhere.

A few minutes and several blocks later, Elsa stopped to catch her breath. While Elsa sat there recovering, a carriage pulled up in front of her. She looked up to see the familiar face of its passenger, the woman from the market.

“Hello,” she smiled.

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