Victorian Submarines: An Introduction

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October 15, 2012 by Steampunkish Graphic Novels

When most think about the Victorian era, they think trains with steam engines, industrial revolution and all the related classic books associated with that time. What they do not think about is submarines.

While Jules Verne may have written 40,000 Leagues under the Sea – you would think it was just based on an incredible imagination. The truth is that he was inspired to write it by observing one of submarines invented during that era.

Many of the designs used man-powered propellers, but others were very unique models. In the Incinteo’s case, something that could have catapulted the technology into a truly successful submarine class, over 50 years before the inventions of the 2nd world war.

We’ll look through these one-by-one, starting with a submarine called the “Turtle”, invented BEFORE the Victorian era for the military purpose of sabotaging large frigates in the harbor.

When did it get invented?

The American Revolution, one year before we declared indepedence.


In the next blog, we’ll take a closer look.  Link will appear below.


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