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October 1, 2012 by Steampunkish Graphic Novels

Hello all.

My name is Ryan Hemphill and I am penning this blog for ‘Steampunkish’ short stories.  Let me explain what I mean.

My ‘Steampunkish’ fiction is Steampunk-like but also has the following criteria…

  1. Must be based in part on historical research of the Victorian era.
  2. Must obey the laws of physics. (no mystical artifacts, mysterious ores, deux ex machina, etc.)
  3. Must be possible with Victorian technologies. (must be feasible at that time, albeit unlikely. No robotic arms.)

Is it really Steampunk?

Hard to answer that one.  Steampunk provides a very flexible medium accepting all kinds of different plotlines and ‘universes’.  I guess you could argue that I am on the outer skirts of the idea, which is why I call it ‘Steampunkish’ instead of Steampunk.  That way, hopefully everyone is happy.

Why limit the stories to your rules?

  • I like the challenge it provides.
  • I enjoy writing weird ideas that are actually possible.
  • Lots of material.
    (There is some really crazy stuff that happened back then.  You’ll see what I mean soon enough.)
  • I like including my research in links at the bottom of each story.
    (You can check out stuff that exists or really happened.)
  • It actually makes my work more creative.
    (Working within these constraints has produced results that are typically much better than the original thought.)

What is the first story?

It’s called…

Diary of a Sailship



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